We Want to Buy Out-of-Print Big-Game Hunting Books

We are dealers in big-game hunting books and are looking to acquire copies of the books listed below.  In all cases condition is of the utmost importance.  When quoting books, be sure to state condition for each volume quoted.  We are mostly looking for first or early editions and not contemporary reprints.  REMEMBER:   Condition is everything.  If a book is a limited and numbered edition and it does not carry a regular number within the range of limitation, be sure to note this.  If the book has a jacket or a slipcase, be sure to note it and state condition of same.

Adair Summer in High Asia
Adair Sport in Ladakh
Allen, W Adventures with Indians & Game
Akeley, Carl Akeley' Africa
Akeley Taxidermy and Sculpture & others
Anderson, G African Safaris
Anderson, K Nine Man eaters and a Rogue
Anderson, K This is the Jungle
Anderson, K Black Panther, 1st/jacket only
Anderson, K Call of the Man Eater & others
Andersson, C Explorations & Discoveries & others
Andersson, C The Lion and the Elephant
Andersson, C The Okavango River
Andrews R Camps and Trails in China
Andrews R The New Conquest of Central Asia
Annabel, R Alaskan Tales
Annabel, R Hunting and Fishing Alaska
Annabel, R Tales of a Big Game Guide
Anonymous All books/booklets on big-game hunting
Ansorge, W Under the African Sun
Apponyi, H My Big Game Hunting Diary
Arbuthnot African Hunt & Grand Safari
Arbuthnot A Trip to Kashmir
Arkell-Hardwick An Ivory Trader in Kenya
Armstrong, N After Big Game in Upper Yukon
Askins, C African Hunt
Auer, H Campfires in the Yukon
Bailey, H Travel & Adv. in Congo Free State
Bailey, L Nature Portraits; Studies Pen & Camera
Baillie-Grohman, W Fifteen Yrs Sport & Life 
Baker, S Exploration Nile Tributaries & Others
Baker, S Wild Beast and Their Ways
Baker, S The Albert Nyanza
Baker, S Ismalia
Baldwin, W African Hunting
Balneaves Elephant Valley
Bannon Hunters Summer in Yukon Territory 
Barclay Big Game Shooting Records 
Barnes  Wonderland Eastern Congo & others 
Barnes  Through Central Africa East to West 
Barns  Babes in the African Woods 
Batten J  Best of Sheep Hunting, 2 vol 1st only 
Batten J  Skyline Pursuits, 1st only 
Baum, J  Savage Abyssinia 
Baum, J  Unknown Ethiopia 
Beach, W  Shadow of Mt. McKinley 
Beard, P  End of Game (1st end) 
Beard, P  Eyelids of Morning (1st edn) 
Beard, P  Longing for Darkness (1st edn) 
Bell, W  Wanderings Elephant Hunter (1st edn) 
Bell, W  Bell of Africa (1st edn) 
Bell, W  Karamojo Safari (1st edn) 
Bennet, E  Shots, Snap Shots East Africa 
Berlinger B  Danger Down the Sights 
Binks African Rainbow 
Blackburn  Journal of my African Trip 
Bland-Sutton, J  Man and Beast in Ethiopia 
Bland-Sutton, J  Men and Creatures in Uganda 
Blixen, B  African Hunter 
Blunt, E  Elephant (1st edn) 
Boone & Crockett  Hunting Trails Three Continents & others 
Boone & Crockett  Records of Big Game, 1958 & before 
Bovet  Moose Hunting In Alaska, others 
Boyes, J  Company of Adventurers & others 
Boyes, J  King of the Wa-Kikuyu 
Boyes, J  White King in E. Africa 
Bradley, J  Hunting Big Game Far NorthWest British Columbia 
Brinckman, A  Rifle in Cashmir 
Brockelhurst, H  Game Animals of the Sudan 
Bronson, E  Closed Territory
Brooks, B  Screed of a Safari Scribe 
Bryden, H  Gun & Camera Southern Africa & others 
Bryden, H  Kloof and Karroo:  Sport Legend 
Bryden, H  Great and Small Game of Africa 
Buckley, W  Big Game Hunting in Central Africa 
Bulpett  Picnic Party in Africa 
Bulpin T  The Hunter is Death, 1st only 
Bulpin T  Ivory Trail 
Burger, J  Horned Death, 1st only 
Burger, J  Forty Years in Africa, 1st only 
Burger, J  African Camp-fire nights 
Burger, J  African Jungle Memories 
Burger, J  African Adventures 
Burger, J  Abyssinia Today and Yesterday 
Burnham J  Taking Chances 
Burrard, G  Big Game Hunting Himalayas & Tibet 
Buxton, E  Short Stalks 
Buxton, E  Two African Trips 
Caldwell, H  Blue Tiger 
Cane, C  Summer and Fall in Western Alaska 
Carpenter, R  Game Trails Alaska to Africa & others 
Carruthers, D  Unknown Mongolia & Beyond the Caspian 
Catrick  Spoor of Blood 
Chadwick, W  Giants of the Forest & others 
Chadwick, W  Mankillers and Marauders 
Chalmers, P  Sport and Travel in East Africa 
Chamberlain, G  African Hunting Among Thongas 
Chanler  Through Jungle and Desert 
Chapman, A  On Safari 
Chapman, A  Savage Sudan 
Christy, C  Big Game and Pygmies 
Church, P  Chinese Turkestan With Caravan & Rifle 
Churchill, W  My African Journey 
Clark, J  Great Arc of the Wild Sheep & others 
Clark, J  Trails of the Hunted 
Cobb  Sport on Setit 
Cobbold, R  Innermost Asia 
Colburn, P  African Diary of a Poor Shot & others 
Colburn, P  Unbelievable Game Country 
Combe  Wild Beast and Men 
Cooch Behar  Thirty-Seven Years of Big Game Shooting 
Cooper, D  Hunting Hunted Belgian Congo 
Corbett, J  Leopard Rudraprayag, 1st edns. 
Corbett, J  Temple Tiger, 1st 
Corbett, J  Tree Tops, 1st 
Corbett, J  My India, 1st 
Corbett, J  Jungle Lore, 1st 
Cordier, A  Wyoming Big Game Hunt & others 
Cotton, W  Sport in the Eastern Sudan 
Courtney, R  Greenhorn in Africa & others 
Courtney, R  Claws of Africa 
Cranworth, L  Profit & Sport East Africa & others 
Crites, A  Hunter's Tale of Great Outdoors 
Cron, G  Roaring Veldt 
Cudahy, J  Mananaland 
Cullen A  Saving the Game 
Cullen A  Window into the Wilderness 
Cullen A  Downey's Africa 
Cumberland, C  Sport on the Pamir Steppes 
Cumming, R  Hunter's Life in So. Africa 
Curtis, C  Hunting in Africa East & West 
Daly, M  Big Game hunting and Adventure 
Darrah, H  Sport in the Highlands of Kashmir 
Das Neves  Hunting Expedition to the Transvaal 
Dawkins, J  Rogues and Marauders 
Day, J  Sport in Egypt 
De Watteville, V  Out in the Blue 
Decele, L  Three Years in Savage Africa 
Demidoff, E  After Wild Sheep Altai & Mongolia 
Demidoff, E  Hunting Trips in the Caucasus 
Demidoff, E  Shooting Trip to Kamchatka 
Dickinson, F  Big Game Shooting on the Equator & others 
Dickinson, F  Uganda to Karthoum 
Dinneson  Out of Africa 
Dolman  Catalogue Selous Collection British Museum 
Donovan  With Wilson in Matabeleland 
Dowsett  Big Game and Big Life 
Dracopoli, I  Through Jubaland to Lorain Swamp 
Drayson, A  Sporting Scenes in Southern Africa 
Drayson, A  Tales of Outspan 
Drummond, W  Large Game & Natural History of Africa 
Du Chaillu, P  Journey to Ashango-Land & others 
Du Chaillu, P  Explorations & Adventures in Equatorial Africa 
Dunbar-Brunton, J  Big Game Hunting in Central Africa 
Dunlop, R  Hunting in the Himalaya 
Dunmore, E  The Pamirs 
Dyer, A  Classic African Animals 
Eagle  Adventures of an Amateur in Africa 
Eastman  Chronicles of an African Trip 
Eddy, J  Hunting Kenai Peninsula & others 
Eddy, J  Hunting the Alaska Peninsula 
Endicott  Adventures in Alaska 
Etherton, P  Across the Roof of the World 
Evans, H  Diary of a Hunting Trip to East Africa 
Evans  Big Game Shooting in Upper Burma 
Farini, G  Through the Kalahari Desert 
Faulkner, H  Elephant Haunts 
Fenton  Rifle in India 
Fergusson  The Story of Fergie Bey 
Finaughty, W  Recollections of Elephant Hunter 
Findlay, F  Big Game Shooting S.E. Africa 
Finecke, B  African Hunter 
Finton, W  Alaskan Bear Adventures 
Fitzpatrick, P  Jock of the Bushveld 
Fleishmann, M  After Big Game in Arctic & Tropic 
Foa, E  After Big Game in Central Africa 
Foran, W  Kill or Be Killed (1st edn) & others 
Foran, W  Elephant Hunters of the Lado 
Foran, W  Hunters Saga 
Foran, W  Breath of the Wilds 
Foran, W  Cuckoo in Kenya 
Fothergill  Five Years in the Sudan 
Gates E  Trophy Hunter in Asia, 1st only 
Gasset, O  Meditations on Hunting (1st edn) 
Gibbons, A  Exploration & Hunting in C. Africa & others 
Gibbons, A  Africa from North to South through Marotseland 
Gillmore, P  Great Thirst Land & others 
Gillmore, P  Through Gaza Land 
Gillmore, P  Days and Nights in the Desert 
Gillmore, P  The Great Thirst Land 
Gladstone  Record Bags and Shooting Records 
Gordon, T  Roof of the World 
Grogan & Sharp  Cape to Cairo 
Grew, J  Sport and Travel in Far East 
Grey, P  North American Big Game 
Ogilvie-Grant W  Big Game of African & Europe & others 
Hanbury  Sport and Travel in the North Land of Canada 
Harriman, G  B.C. in A.D.  
Harris, W  Wild Sports of Southern Africa 
Haughton, H  Sport and Folklore in Himalaya 
Hayden  Sport & Travel in Highlands of Tibet 
Haywood  To the Mysterious Lorian Swamp 
Haywood  Sport in Service in Africa 
Hemingway, E  Green Hills of Africa, 1935 only 
Henriques, R  Death by Moonlight 
Herbert, A  Casuals in the Caucasus & others 
Herbert, A  Two Dianas in Alaska 
Herbert, A  Two Dianas in Somaliland 
Herne B  Uganda Safaris, 1st only 
Herne B  Tanzania Safaris, 1st only 
Hert  Tracking Big Cats 
Hibben, F  Hunting in Africa & others 
Hill, H  Wild Adventure 
Hill, H  Hunting the Hard Way 
Hill, O The Elephant in East Central Africa
Hindlip, L  Sport  and Travel 
Hirsh  Last Man in Paradise 
Hittell, T  Adventures of James Capen Adams 
Hodson, A  Trekking the Gr. Thirst & others 
Hodson, A  Seven Years. in S Abyssinia 
Hodson, A  Where Lion Reign 
Höhnel, L  Discoveries of Lake Rudolph & Stephanie 
Holman, D  Inside Safari Hunting 
Holman, J  Sheep and Bear Trails 
Holmes, B  Log of the Laura in Polar Seas 
Hornaday, W  Campfires in the Canadian Rockies & others 
Hornaday, W  Campfires on Desert & Lava 
House, J  Hunter's Campfires 
Householder, B  Grand Slam of No. American Sheep 
Hubback, T  To Western Alaska for Big Game & others 
Hubback, T  3 Months Pahang in Search of Big Game 
Hubback, T  Elephant and Seledang Hunting Malay St 
Hughes, J  Eighteen Years on Lake Bangweuleu 
Hunter, J  Hunters Tracks 
Hunter, J  White Hunter 
Hunter, J  African Bush Adventures 
Hunter, J  Tales of the African Frontier 
Hutchinson, H  Big Game Shooting 
Ingles  Tent Life in Tiger Land & others 
Irby, A  Diary of a Hunter 
James, F  Unknown Horn of Africa & others 
James, F  Wild Tribes of the Sudan 
Jenkins, L  Sport and Travel in Both Tibets 
Jessen, B  MacMillan's Expeditions & BG Hunting So Sudan 
Johnson, I  Sport on the Blue Nile 
Johnson  Memsaab on the Rugwa 
Johnson  Memsaab in the Arctic 
Johnson  Memsaab on Safari 
Jordan  Mongasso 
Jordan  Elephant Stone 
Jordan  Elephants and Ivory 
KCAJ  Sportman's Vade-Mecum for Himalayas 
Keith, E  Safari & others 
Keith, E  Guns and Ammo for Hunting Big Game 
Keith, E  Keith's Rifles for Large Game 
Kellog  Happy Hunting Grounds 
Kennion, R  Mtn, Lake & Plain & others 
Kennion, R  Sport & Life in the Further Himalaya 
Ker, D  African Adventure 
Kerr, W  Far Interior 
King  Hunting Big Game in Africa 
Kinloch, A  Large Game Shooting in Tibet & others 
Kirby, F  Haunts of Wild Game & others 
Kirby, F  Sport in East Central Africa 
Kittenberger K  Big Game Hunting & Collecting  
Klein, H  Lucky Bwana 
Kunz, G  Ivory and the Elephant 
Lake, A  African Adventures 
Lang, C  Buffalo 
Lawman  Long Grass 
Leahy, G  Shikar for Sher Khan 
Lee R  Safari Today 
Leonard, D  Hunting Colorado's Bighorn 
Letcher, O  Big Game Hunting NE Rhodesia & others 
Letcher, O  Bonds of Africa 
Lydekker, R  Game Animals India etc. 
Lydekker, R  Trip to Pilawin 
Lydekker, R  Horns and Hoofs 
Lydekker, R  Game Animals of Africa 
Lydekker, R  Wild Oxen, Sheep & Goats 
Lydekker, R  The Deer of All Lands 
Lydekker, R  Great and Small Game of Africa 
Lydekker, R  Sheep and its Cousins 
Lyell, D  Memories of An African Hunter 
Lyell, D  Hunting Trips in Northern Rhodesia 
Lyell, D  Nyasaland for the Hunter and Settler 
Lyell, D  African Elephant and its Hunters 
Lyell, D  Hunting Spoor of C. African Game 
Lyell, D  Wildlife in Central Africa 
Lyell, D  African Adventure 
Lyell, D  Central African Game & Spoor & others 
MacIntyre, D  Hindu Koh  
Mackay, M  Cow Range and the Hunting Trail 
Macnab, A  White Giraffe 
Macqeen, P  Wildest Africa 
Maderia, P  Hunting in British East Africa 
Markham, F  Shooting in the Himalayas 
Martin  Sunset from the Main 
Mather  Extracts from Letters 
Mathias, H  Five Weeks Sport in Himalayas 
Mason  Where The River Runs Dry 
Mason  Wild Ass Free 
Maugham, R  Africa as I Have Known It & others 
Maugham, R  Portuguese East Africa 
Maugham, R  Wild Game in Zambesia 
Maxwell, M  Stalking Big Game (folio only) 
Maydon, H  Big Game Shooting in Africa & others 
Maydon, H  Big Game of India 
Maydon, H  Simien:  Its Heights & Abysses 
Mayo, E  Sport in Abyssinia 
McAleenan, J Hunting with Rifle & Camera in the Canadian Rockies 
McClellan, H  McClellan Mynderse 
McCutcheon, J  In Africa 
McGuire  In the Alaska Yukon Game Lands 
Mecklenburg, D  In the Heart of Africa 
Meikle, R  After Big Game 
Meinertzhagen, R  Kenya Diary & others 
Meinertzhagen, R  Army Diary 
Meissner, H  One Man Safari 
Mellis, C  Lion Hunting in Somaliland 
Mendelssohn, S  South African Bibliography 
Methuen, H  Life in the Wilderness 
Millais, J  A Breath from the Veldt & others 
Millais, J  British Deer and their Horns 
Millais, J  Deer and Deer Stalking 
Millais, J  Far Away up the Nile 
Millais, J  Game Birds and Shooting Sketches 
Millais, J  Life of Selous 
Millais, J  Natural History of British Game Birds 
Millais, J  Natural History of British Ducks 
Millais, J  Wanderings and Memories 
Moller, P Journey through Angola, & Damaraland
Molloy, P Cry of the Fish Eagle
Mohr  Hyenas in my Bedroom 
Moore  Ivory 
Morden, F  From the Note Bk of F. H. Morden 
Morden, W  Across Asia's Snows & Deserts & others 
Morden, W  Our African Adventure 
Mosse, A  My Somali Book 
Mountaineer  A Summer Ramble in the Himalayas 
Muirhead  Ivory & Poachers 
Myers  Life with the Harman Arabs 
Neumann, A  Elephant Hunting in East Equatorial Africa 
Niedeck, P  Cruises in Bering Sea & others 
Niedeck, P  With a Rifle in Five Continents 
O'Connor, J  Hunting in the Rockies & others 
O'Connor, J  Boom Town 
O'Connor, J  Conquest 
O'Connor, J  Horse & Buggy West 
O'Connor, J  Hunting in the South West 
O'Connor, J  O'Connor's Big Game Hunts 
O'Connor, J  Sheep and Sheep Hunting, 1st only 
O'Connor, J  Big Game Rifle 
O'Connor, J  Rifle Omnibus 
Oates, F  Matabeleland and the Victoria Falls 
Oswell, W  William Cotton Oswell, Hunter & Explorer 
Palmer, J  Kodiak Bear Hunt 
Patterson, F  African Adventures 
Patterson, J  Man-eaters of Tsavo & others 
Patterson, J  Grip of Nyika 
Peacock, E  A Game-Book for Burma  
Pearce, F  Rambles in Lion Land 
Pease, A  Book of the Lion & others 
Pease, A  Travel & Sport in Africa 
Peel, C  Somaliland 
Percival, A  Game Ranger's Note Book & others 
Percival, P  Game Ranger on Safari 
Phillips, J  Bibliography of American Sporting Books 
Phillips-Wolley, C  Big Game Shooting 
Pigot, R  Twenty-Five Years of Big Game Hunting 
Pitman, C  Game Warden Takes Stock  
Pitman, C  Game Warden Among his Charges 
Pope, S  Hunting with the Bow & Arrow 
Potocki, Count J  Sport in Somaliland 
Powell-Cotton, P  Unknown Africa & others 
Powell-Cotton, P  Sporting Trip through Abyssinia 
Pretyman, H  Journal of Expedition to Kittar Mountains in 1891 
Queeny, E  Cheechako 
Radclyffe, C  Big Game Shooting in Alaska 
Rainsford, W  Land of the Lion 
Reid  Amateur in Africa 
Roethe, L  Leo the Lion 
Romero, P  Mexico & Africa from Sights of Rifle 
Romero, P  Adventures with Lions & Tigers 
Ronaldshay, E  Sport & Politics under Eastern Sky & others 
Roosevelt, T  African Game Trails & others 
Roosevelt, T  Big Game Hunting in the Rockies & on the Great Plains 
Roosevelt, T  Hunting Trips of a Ranchman 
Roosevelt, T  Outdoor Pastimes of an American Hunter 
Roosevelt, T  Ranch Life & the Hunting-Trail 
Roosevelt, T  Wilderness Hunter 
Roosevelt, T  Through the Brazilian Wilderness 
Roosevelt, T  Life Histories of African Game Animals 
Roosevelt, T  East of the Sun & West of the Moon 
Roosevelt, T  Trailing the Giant Panda 
Ruark, R  Horn of the Hunter & others 
Ruark, R  Old Man and the Boy 
Ruark, R  Old Man's Boy grows Older 
Ruark, R  Use Enough Gun 
Rungius, C  Gallery of Animal Paintings in Zoological Park 
Rushby, G  No More the Tusker 
Russell, C  Rawhide Rawlins Rides Again 
Saville, F  High Grass & others 
Saville, F  River of the Giraffe 
Schaldach, W  Carl Rungius:  Big Game Painter 
Sclater, T  Book of the Antelope (4 vol.) 
Scull, E  Hunting in the Arctic & Alaska 
Selous, F  Hunter's Wanderings in Africa & others 
Selous, F  Catalogue of the Selous Collection of Big Game in the British Museum 
Selous, F  African Nature Notes & Reminiscences 
Selous, F  Recent Hunting Trips in British North America 
Selous, F  Sport & Travel East & West 
Selous, F  Sunshine & Storm in Rhodesia 
Selous, F  Travel & Adventure in South East Africa 
Selous, F  Travel & Big Game 
Seton-Karr, H  Bear Hunting in the White Mountains. & others 
Sheldon, C  Wilderness of Upper Yukon & others 
Sheldon, C  Wilderness of the North Pacific Coast Islands 
Sheldon, C  Wilderness of Denali, no 1960 
Shorthouse, W  Spade & Sport in Paganland & others 
Shorthouse, W  Sport & Adventure in Africa 
Siggins, J  Shooting with Rifle & Camera 
Siggins, A  Mankillers I Have Known 
Silberman, F  Safari Saga 
Smiles, P  Land of the Black Buffalo 
Smith, A  Through Unknown African Countries 
Sportsman  Big Game Shooting & Angling 
Staats, H  African Journal 
Stanley, H  Darkest Africa & others
Stanley, H  Through the Dark Continent
Stanley, H  Coomassie & Magdala 
Stanley, H  Congo & the Founding of Free State 
Stanley-Hodgson, C  Elephant Hunting in West Africa 
Statham, J  Through Angola & others
Statham, J  With My Wife Across Africa 
Stebbing, E  Stalks in the Himalayas 
Steedman, A  Wanderings & Adventures Interior Southern Africa 
Steward, P  Travel & Sport in Many Lands 
Stigand, C  Hunting the Elephant in Africa & others 
Stigand, C  Game of British East Africa 
Stigand, C  Abyssinia Through an Unknown Land 
Stockley, C  Big Game Shooting Indian Empire & others 
Stockley, C  Shikar 
Stockley, C  Stalking in the Himalaya & Northern India 
Stone, S  In & Beyond the Himalayas 
Stoneham, C  Africa All Over & others 
Stoneham, C  Big Stuff 
Stoneham, C  The Lion's Way 
Stoneham, C  From Hobo to Hunter 
Sutherland, J  Adventures of Elephant Hunter 
Sutton, R  African Holiday & others 
Sutton, R  Arctic Safari 
Sutton, R  Long Trek 
Swank, P  African Antelope 
Swayne, H  17 Trips through Somaliland & others 
Swayne, H  Through the Highlands of Siberia 
Swinehart, B  Sagittarius 
Taylor, J  African Rifles & Cartridges & others 
Taylor, J  Big Game & Big Game Rifles 
Taylor, J  Maneaters & Marauders 
Taylor, L  Hunting Big Game in NW America 
Taylor, L  Ibex shooting in the Himalayas 
Thomas, W  Hunting Big Game with Gun & Kodak & others 
Thomas, W  Trails & Tramps in Alaska etc 
Thompson, J  Through Masai Land & others 
Thompson, J  Central African Lakes & Back 
Tjader, R  Big Game of Africa 
Treatt, C  Out of the Beaten Track
Truesdell, S  Rifle & Its Development 
Turnbull-Kemp, P  Leopard 
Tyacke, H  How I Shot My Bears 
Varian, H  Some African Milestones 
von Höhnel, L  Discoveries Lake Rudolph & Stephanie 
Waddell, L  Among the Himalayas 
Wallace, H  Big Game & others 
Wallace, H  Stalks Abroad 
Wallace, H  Big Game of Central & Western China 
Wallace, H  British Deer Heads 
Wallihan, A  Camera Shots At Big Game 
Ward, A  Sportman's Guide to Kashmir & Ladak 
Ward Rowland  Naturalist's Lifestudy & others 
Ward Rowland  Records of Big Game, before 1935 only 
Ward Rowland  English Angler in Florida 
Ward Rowland  Sportsman's Handbook to Practical Collecting 
Webb, W  Diary of 1896 Hunt in Wyoming 
Welby, M  'Twixt Sirdar & Menelik 
Wheeler, H  Selkirk Range of British Columbia 
Whelen, T  Big Game Shooting 
Whistler, H  High Himalayas 
Whitney, H  Hunting with the Eskimos 
Wienholt, A  In the Sand Forest & others 
Wienholt, A  Story of a Lion Hunt 
Williams, A  Game Trails in British Columbia 
Williamson, A  Sport & Photography in Rocky Mountains 
Willoughby  East Africa and its Big Game 
Wilson, H  British Border Land 
Wilson, W  Summer Ramble in Himalayas 
Wolverton, L  Five Months sport in Somaliland 
Wong-Quincey, J  Chinese Hunter 
Wood, J  Travel & Sport in Turkestan 
Woodworth, J  Kodiak Bear 
Woodyatt, N  Sporting Memories 
Worrell, G  Honey Guide 40 Days in Central Africa 
Young, G  Alaskan Yukon Trophies Won & Lost 


We are always looking for good big-game hunting books and cannot possibly list all titles that we want.  This list, however, should give a reasonable indication of what we are looking for.  Should you have anything that you think might interest us, please quote it.  We are also interested in any privately printed items, pamphlets, manuscripts, and letters by authors.  BE SURE TO STATE THE CONDITION.

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