Evaluation of Antiquarian Books

We evaluate books.  We have been in business since 1984 and have been dealing in antiquarian books on big-game hunting and in exploration of Africa, Asia, and North America, via our World Wide Hunting Books catalog, since that time. We can evaluate entire collections or individual books.  We do not appraise outside of these fields.

Please understand that a 100 percent accurate appraisal can really only happen when an appraiser handles the books physically.  It is only then that an experienced person can judge the authenticity of signatures, deduce which of the variant editions he is looking at, and thoroughly inspect for condition.

A full written appraisal will list all titles on company letterhead, and each book will be individually appraised for condition, signatures, editions, state, and binding variations etc.  We will state and make comments for each of these variables for each of the books to be appraised. For this we would need to see the books physically. Yes, we can look at professional, high-definition photography of all the books in your collection, and, yes, we can ask you many questions about individual volumes, but it is not the same as a physical inspection of the books.

We charge a fee per unit and time spent. We do not base our fee on the appraisal value of the books/collection because we believe fee-based appraisals are inflated to make more money for the appraiser.  We charge $15.00 for the first book and $10.00 thereafter. We have a minimum charge of $250.00 per evaluation. For large collections, please contact us for pricing. Travel is extra and will be at cost.

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