Want to Sell Your Book Collection?

Make selling your collection EASIER, QUICKER and more accurate.

Digitally Photograph Your Book Collection.

We buy anywhere from five to ten entire book collections each year. Since condition and edition are of paramount importance, we need an accurate idea of both to make a bid that maximizes the value of your books. A very good idea of what your collection is worth to us can be formed if you can spend thirty minutes with a digital camera photographing the entire collection. From these photos we can often make a final bid, although with complicated collections this is not always the case.

Please follow the instructions below.

Take the highest megapixel camera you have and set the camera for the highest setting possible. PLEASE do NOT take low megapixel shots, as this defeats the purpose; we need to see details and we can only see them when we have pictures taken at the highest setting. Photograph the entire collection, make sure the book spines are pointed towards the camera. Photograph one shelf at a time (no more than fifteen books in one picture).  

If the books are near a window or windows, please switch on all lights in the library and cover the windows with curtains (or photograph at night) to prevent so-called “false” light.

Use a flash if the room is not bright, but BE CAREFUL to not let the flash bounce a reflection off the books.  Take the photos at a slight angle.  For best results photograph the entire collection once with flash and once without.  

You can normally send us the images via email, see below.  Note that our e-mail server is able to accept up to 10 megabytes (mb) of data per e-mail and no more. If you send a lot of images send them in several e-mails. PLEASE DO NOT reduce the size of the images, as this severely degrades the image details. If you want to send a large batch of images via the Internet at once use the web site https://wetransfer.com/ and choose the Free Option, setting up an account takes minutes.  We Transfer will send us all the images, again use our email address below. If you are not very computer-minded, the best thing is to send us a thumb drive via the mail.  

If you have questions, contact:

Mai Sample
World Wide Hunting Books
15621 Chemical Lane, Ste A
Huntington Beach, CA 92649-1549, USA

714-894-9080, extension 24