Item #006243 COMPLETE SET OF THE ASIAN SERIES. Asian Series.


John Culler & Sons. 1993-1996 South Carolina, 20 volume set, each volume limited to 500 leatherbound, numbered, slipcased copies. Like new. No markings, no blind stamps, no writing, no book plates. FANTASTIC CONDITION. FINE. Item #006243

This is a COMPLETE set of all 20 books of the Asian Series as issued by John Culler and Sons some years back. Set contains Cruises in the Bering Sea, Niedieck; Big Game Hunting in the Himalayas & Tibet, Burrard; Shooting in the Himalayas, Markham; Hindu-Koh, Macintyre; By Mountain, Lake & Plain, Kennion; Through the Highlands of Siberia, Swayne; Large Game Shooting, Kinloch; In the High Himalayas, Whistler; A Summer in High Asia, Adair; My Big Game Hunting Diary, Apponyi; Sport & Folklore in the Himalaya, Haughton; Sport & Life in the Further Himalaya, Kennion; In & Beyond the Himalayas, Stone; A Shooting Trip to Kamchatka, Demidoff; Sport in the Highlands of Kashmir, Darrah; Across the Roof of the World, Etherton; Innermost Asia, Cobbold; After Wild Sheep in the Altai & Mongolia, Demidoff; Across Asia's Snows & Deserts, Morden; Hunting Trips in the Caucasus, Demidoff. Every single book is BOUND IN FULL LEATHER and housed in a linen covered slipcase. The leather colors are very tasteful (various colors of green, blue and red) and they form a beautiful contrast with the ivory-white linen slipcases.

Price: $3,250.00