Item #003533 ELEPHANTS OF AFRICA. Hall-Martin A., Bosman P.


C.Struik. 1988 Cape Town, 119pp, 120 color & 120 b/w illus, oblong folio, limited edition of 350 numbered copies, signed by author and artist. Bound in 1/4 elephant leather. Item #003533

ELEPHANTS OF AFRICA contains reproductions of 24 outstanding pastel paintings of elephants in representative habitats throughout the continent. In addition, there are superb color cameos and eloquent pencil drawings of both elephants and the many other creatures--some of them rare or endangered--that share the elephant's varied environments: the Zaire peacock, the gorilla, the bongo, the zebra duiker, the Lord Derby eland, the lion, the leopard, and man. The text is both informative and scientifically accurate, yet written in a personal and anecdotal style. Includes the decline of the elephant in some areas because of poaching and the increase of human population; the ivory trade; the over-population of elephants in some sanctuaries; the conflict between elephant and man--all these issues are discussed by one of the leading authorities on African elephants. A magnificently illustrated work on the African elephant. This is the LARGE PAPER EDITION (full oblong folio).

Price: $400.00