Item #006836 AFTER WILD SHEEP IN THE ALTAI AND MONGOLIA. Demidoff E., Prince San Donato.


Rowland Ward. 1900 London, 1st edn, 324pp, color frontis, with 17 photo plates, and 65 illustrations in text, including collotypes by Edmund Caldwell, folding map in rear pocket. A very good plus copy, with the rear-pocket foldout map as issued. In addtion this is the FIRST edtion; many copies offered for sale are listed as firsts but are not. Caveat Emptor. Item #006836

Demidoff was a wealthy Russian prince who hunted extensively for sheep and ibex at the turn of the century. In this book he teams up with St. George Littledale to pursue the sheep of Mongolia. Excellent account of their travels and of course much sheep hunting but also ibex, maral and gazelle. Traveling for many months through this sheep hunters' paradise, Demidoff's Mongolia experiences were only equaled by very few. Bagging a large number of sheep and ibex, he had plenty to write about. From the preface “It was in the spring of 1897 that, strolling down Piccadilly, my wife and I, on passing the well-known window of Mr. Rowland Ward, were struck by the unusual size and massiveness of some heads of wild sheep which were on view. I think I was never more impressed by any trophies I had seen. I at once decided that the year should not pass before I also would attempt to make a similar bag. Having concluded our preparations in London, we started, my wife and I, for St. Petersburg early in April. Christo, my valet, who accompanied me on this journey, proved very useful in many ways. The Promised Land! I shall never forget this first acquaintance with the grand Altai sheep as long as I live!”

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