Item #003641 RETURN TO TOONAKLUT; The Russell Annabel Story. Davis J.

RETURN TO TOONAKLUT; The Russell Annabel Story

Safari Press Inc. 2002 Long Beach, 1st edn, 248pp, photos, drawings, ltd to 500 signed, numbered, & slipcased copies. Fine copy in fine slipcase. Item #003641

Russell Annabel was born 4 December 1904 in Tacoma, Washington, and he grew up to become one of America's most gifted outdoor writers. This book traces many of Rusty’s paths from his early pioneer days in Alaska to his years as a UPI war correspondent to his disillusionment over the increased population in Alaska and his final move to Mexico, where he died in 1979 near Guadalajara, Mexico. Meet the characters that peopled his world--fanciful and real--like Tex Cobb and Blind Nick. Explore the cabins that sheltered him and the rivers and forests that fed him. Follow along in his journeys through Alaska and Mexico, his first mistress and his second love, and look behind the stories, myths, and legends to find the real Rusty Annabel. His sense of adventure and the courage to walk into the unknown brought him into contact with a harsh, beautiful land and the wild two-legged and four-legged characters that lived there. Those of us who grew up after WW II cannot imagine the Alaskan frontier that Rusty Annabel walked into early in the twentieth century. The hardships, the resourcefulness, the natural beauty, not knowing what lay beyond the next horizon, all were a part of his existence. His extraordinary talent allows us even today to share in the excitement and experiences of Alaska in the first half of the twentieth century. This is the story of the man behind the legend, and it is as fascinating as any of the tales Rusty Annabel ever spun for the sporting magazines.

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