Winchester Press. 1971 New York, 1st edn, 270pp, illus, limited edition. Very good in jacket, SIGNED, DATED, NUMBERED and SIGNED by Gates. We have only this limited edtion for sale 3x in 30 years in this business. Item #003438

Follow Elgin Gates, he will show you what it is like to hunt the elusive ibex of Kirthar, the royal stags of Persia and Kashmir, the Himalayan markhor, the massive horned argali (ovis ammon) of Central Asia, the wild yak of Tibet and many more. Then end with a fantastic hunt for the fabled Marco Polo sheep. These limited editions were issued by Gates in December of 1971. The binding is different from the "trade" edition. No limitation is given, but it is thought no more than a few hundred of these limited editions exist.

Price: $300.00