Item #003211 MEMORIES OF A SHEEP HUNTER; Hunting Sheep, Ibex, and Markhor from Asia to North America. Jamsheed R.

MEMORIES OF A SHEEP HUNTER; Hunting Sheep, Ibex, and Markhor from Asia to North America

Safari Press Inc. 1996 Long Beach, 2nd edition, 326pp, photos color and b&w, 103 color and b&w illus. Fine in jacket. Item #003211

Living legend and holder of eleven sheep-hunting records, Rashid Jamsheed reveals his exciting accounts of obtaining world-record heads from his native Iran, and his eventual move to the U.S. where he procured a grand-slam of North American sheep. Jamsheed’s trophies are as varied and impressive as the list of countries in which he has hunted. In Central Asia he obtained heads of Altai argali, Gobi argali, and Marco Polo argali--all of which are outstanding trophy quality due to his refusal to compromise his standards. For his Marco Polo sheep, he traveled three times to Asia and spent a combined ninety days before he connected with the ram of his dreams, an extraordinary 67-incher! But not only sheep have garnered Jamsheed’s attention, he also tells of shooting some of the best markhor trophies ever--two of the heads reaching 60 inches--with his Suleiman markhor holding the world record! He has hunted every mountain range in Pakistan and Afghanistan in order to collect various markhor subspecies, and he has some of the biggest ibex heads ever taken. No man has ever spent more time in single-minded pursuit of mountain-game trophies than Rashid Jamsheed, and his book will never be repeated or equaled. Illustrated in color and black and white, and printed on coated paper in large format, it is one of the best mountain-hunting titles to be published in years.

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