Item #000482 HORNED GIANTS; Hunting Eurasian Wild Cattle. Brandt Capt. J.

HORNED GIANTS; Hunting Eurasian Wild Cattle.

Safari Press. 1996 Long Beach, 1st edn, 288pp, photos, drawings, and distribution maps, ltd to 1000 numbered, signed, & slipcased copies. Fine copy in fine slipcase. Item #000482

Most hunting literature dealing with wild cattle centers on the African buffalo; few, if any, books deal exclusively with the horned giants of Asia and Europe. They are equally as dangerous and difficult to hunt as the African buffalo, but the Asian gaur, banteng, and water buffalo are simply not as well known. Capt. John Brandt, who lived for years in Indochina and who is a well-known buffalo and bison expert, has brought us a new book filled with hunting stories and anecdotes on each member of the Asian and European bovines. This book also includes many never-before-published pictures of such rarities as the kouprey of Indochina, wisent, yak, gayal, tamaraw, and anoa. The newly discovered Sao-la (or Vu Quang ox) from Vietnam is described, and Capt. Brandt includes the muskox, the plains bison, and the wood bison of North America as well.

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